10591 Manual Utility Scraper, Locking Ceramic Blade, Rust Free, Finger Friendly, Soft-Touch Comfort Grips

Posted on Dec 10 2019 - 4:47am by gadgeta




The Slice Smart Blade Cutter features Ergo-Pull Smart-Retract technology. This retracts the blade when it loses contact with cutting surface, even if finger is still on the slider-button. Patent-pending pull vs. push ergonomic slider action reduces finger strain and helps prevent injury from extra force at the end of the cutting movement.

The Slice 10591 Manual utility scraper introduces our finger-friendly, rust-free safety blades to the world of industrial scrapers.
Slice scrapers use our 10526 (rounded tip) and 10528 (pointed tip) utility blades in a sturdy handle that holds the blades steady for comfortable, safe scraping.
Featuring Soft-Touch comfort grips and durable glass-filled nylon construction, this utility scraper is designed to last through hours of scraping while reducing hand strain.
The handle has two preset blade positions to protect the blade and user when the tool is not in use.



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